Live On Stage: Kirsten Ludwig

4. Okt. 2019
Although blooming from the suburbs of Calgary, AB, Kirsten Ludwig belongs to no set of roads and dwells in transition. A nomad at heart, Ludwig finds true solace in her quiet ambition, gentle voice, and mellotron- induced thoughts. With a soft demeanour and heavy mind, Kirsten Ludwig achieves simultaneous vulnerability, strength, grace, and madness.

Only having started professionally pursuing music in 2014, Ludwig has managed to develop a detailed list of notable events in quite a short amount of time. After attending Berklee’s summer program, she was given the opportunity to record an album, which would be her first, through the Rawlco 10K20 Grant in Alberta. Ludwig released ‚Drifting‘ [2014] independently – an album heavily influenced by the likes of Kathleen Edwards and Volcano Choir.

Kirsten Ludwig released her sophomore album, ‚Honest Tracks‘ [2016], with the support of FACTOR, fresh- faced and determined to establish herself as not only a songwriter, but a producer and visionary. Journeying quite far from her last release, Ludwig managed to find an unusual approach that allowed her to weave stirring melodies into her cryptic, yet genuine lyrics. Following the release of ‘Honest Tracks’, Ludwig set out on a solo cross-Canada house show tour with Dan Mangan’s Madic Records, giving her the necessary knowledge to then independently book and tour Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland for 6 weeks in the fall of 2016 with fellow songstress Alexandria Maillot.

‘We Get It Now’, Kirsten Ludwig’s third release, is an infusion of dream-pop, haunt-folk, and Canadiana; with its low-key atmosphere, thoughtful arrangements, and honest sound guiding the way. With influences like Beach House, Laura Marling, and Sharon Van Etten, Ludwig set out to produce a record – alongside Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, Black Mountain, Sleepy Sun) – with strong melodic structures, catchy hooks, and soaring dynamic soundscapes. ‘We Get It Now’ is anchored by themes of loss, grief, fleeting optimism, and residual anger.

Details zur Spielstätte:
Seilerstätte 30, A-1010 Wien

Veranstaltungsvorschau: Live On Stage: Kirsten Ludwig - Haus der Musik - das Klangmuseum

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