7. März 2014
Sehen Sie "The Wave" als Gastspiel in englischer Sprache der American Drama Group Europe & TNT Britain.

Spielstätte Kammerspiele

The Wave is an extraordinary novel that has had a huge impact in Europe over the last thirty years. It explores the nature of fascism and the appeal of mass movements through the true-life story of a Californian High School which began an experiment in the 1960’s that rapidly ran out of control. The production will be the first theatrical dramatisation of the original in English and allow us to explore these complex and fascinating themes in a dynamic and accessible piece of theatre. The Wave goes beyond mere polemic and our production will do the same, drawing on the iconic culture of 1960’s America and the familiar world of the US High School to draw the audience into a dilemma that is sadly all too relevant in our troubled times.

Weitere Informationen - Termine:
Am 7. März 2014 um 16:00 und um 19:30 Uhr.

Details zur Spielstätte:
Promenade 39, A-4020 Linz

Veranstaltungsvorschau: THE WAVE - Landestheater Linz

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