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18. Mai 2011
Revisited-Tour 2011!

In the light of their 30th Anniversary the group has decided to reconstruct and re-fresh some of their rarely performed cult songs from the first half of 1980's, including notorious Država (The State), Brat moj (Brother of Mine), Mi kujemo bodočnost (We Are Forging The Future) Krvava gruda - plodna zemlja (Bloody Ground - Fertile Soil).

They have recorded these tracks for the special double album, titled Laibach Revisited, which is due to be released soon. These newly arranged versions of their legendary industrial songs are now performed live on their Anniversary Revisited tour, along with the selection of material from their later albums. First part of this tour already happened in December 2010. For selected dates in May Laibach will add to the programme also some newly arranged songs from their classic 1986 Opus Dei album.

Details zur Spielstätte:
Orpheumgasse 8, A-8020 Graz

Veranstaltungsvorschau: LAIBACH - Orpheum Graz

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