Unpack the Rat

UNPACK THE RAT: Keep Your Day Job

14. März 2016
Overnight success never comes overnight! So if you wanna pay the rent, you gotta have a job, but work is a four letter word.

Nobody knows that better than Mike the Knife, Jimmy le B, Jake 'Shenanigan' Banigan and the Big D. They´ve been there, done that, and they´ve got the songs to prove it. Accompanied by the legato labours of "Heartbreak" Erharter and the White Shoes Orchestra, the Gentlemen of the English Lovers lament the working man's lot... from a discreet distance. After all, it's hard to swing a hammer when you've got a microphone in one hand and a drink in the other.

English Lovers, Gentlemen Only:
Dennis Kozeluh
Jacob Banigan
Jim Libby and Michael Smulik

White Shoes Orchestra:
Klaus Erharter: Piano
Wolfgang Erharter: Bass
Lennie Dixon: Drums
Ilse Riedler: Sax

Details zur Spielstätte:
Fleischmarkt 22, A-1010 Wien

Veranstaltungsvorschau: UNPACK THE RAT: Keep Your Day Job - Theater Drachengasse

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